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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NIHR ARC KSS, in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, identified key research projects in Kent, Surrey and Sussex that will help improve and bring about the necessary change to our health and social care services.

Nine COVID-19 Rapid Response studies have been selected and funded to explore the impact COVID-19 has made to different communities and services across all three counties.

All have a focus on implementation and completion within timescales relevant to the COVID-19 response in, as well as:

  • The potential to change practice for the benefit of the public, patients, service users and/or service providers.
  • Involving an intervention or new way of providing care in the current COVID-19 environment.
  • Assessing the intervention or change in care to demonstrate outcomes and potential benefits for services users, service providers, commissioners and stakeholders.
  • Ability to inform how best to implement the intervention to support its use in everyday practice.
  • How the evidence might support continued use of interventions beyond the current situation to benefit services.

"Over the next six months, we will be listening and speaking with selected people to help us comprehend what life has been like during the lockdown and what could be done to better improve health and care services in their area." Professor Stephen Peckham, NIHR ARC KSS Director.

Covid-19 projects:

  1. Rapid research into the mental health impacts of Covid-19 among children, young people and their families in high-risk groups and hard-to-reach rural and coastal communities - Professor David Fowler, University of Sussex.
  2.  Community-based volunteering in response to COVID-19 - Professor Patricia Wilson, University of Kent.
  3. How has COVID 19 affected the quality of life, wellbeing, and care of people diagnosed with dementia and their family carers? A nested Time for Dementia sub study - Dr Stephanie Daley, Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
  4. How can community based care settings for individuals vulnerable to COVID-19 mortality be supported in receiving returning or new clients? A mixed methods study - Professor Jackie Cassell, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Professor Julien Forder, University of Kent.
  5. The 'Remote' memory clinic: responding to the clinical need in times of COVID 19 restrictions a study of patient satisfaction and impact on clinical outcomes related to dementia diagnosis - Dr Gosia Raczek, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.
  6. How can services best support care leavers to move on after lockdown? Co-production of guidance by recent care leavers - Helen Drew, University of Sussex.
  7. Zoom or Room and Covid-19: Effectiveness and Guidance for In-person versus Online Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) intervention sessions - Professor Nicola Yuill, University of Sussex.
  8. Development and implementation of a living resource to support BAME communities through the life of the COVID-19 epidemic - Dr Priya Paudyal, Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
  9. Scalable solutions for reprocessing of respiratory masks to protect health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic - Dr Saul Rajak, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust.
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