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ARC KSS Public Advisor Welcome Guidance Brochure
In collaboration with our public advisors the Public, community, Involvement & Engagement (PCIE) team have developed this Welcome Guidance Brochure as a supporting reference for all new public members joining the PCIE family (or similar word) at ARC KSS.

ARC KSS Public Advisor Buddy Scheme Guidance
Through listening to feedback and collaboration with our public advisors the Public & Community, Involvement & Engagement (PCIE) team have developed this buddy scheme, which aims to provide an opportunity for our public advisors to support one another. Whether you are new to the role of a Public Advisor in research or have a wealth of knowledge and experience, joining a new organisation can be daunting and we feel that it is right you are supported throughout this.

A Guide to Co-production for Researchers, Services and Commissioners
The Co-production team at ARC KSS have produced a guide for researchers, services and commissioners to clarify what co-production really means, how it differs from Public and Community Involvement & Engagement (PCIE) and how they can use it as part of their research. This guide is intended as an introduction and provides a springboard for anyone enthusiastic to learn about co-production and how to embed it in their work. 

Getting Started in PCIE 
A worksheet to help researchers focus their thoughts as they develop the PCIE plan for their research. May help to be used in conjunction with the How-to-Guide for PCIE.

How-to-Guide for PCIE
A co-designed guide by the ARC KSS PCIE team in conjunction with researchers and public members, to help you get started in public and Community Involvement and Engagement (PCIE). Aimed at researchers and public members alike, it gives short introductions to all the elements needed to be considered for good quality PCIE with additional resources for those needing more detailed information. 

Jargon Buster
A glossary of words containing the definitions of some of the terms commonly used in public involvement in research.

Learning for Involvement 
Training and Resources for Public Involvement in Research.

Online costs Calculator
To help with planning for public involvement cost. NIHR Involve.

Payment guidance for researchers and professionals
NIHR have recently (April 2021) produced some guidance for researchers who need to cost public involvement activities at any stage of the research process and a similar set of guidance and information aimed at public members.

Public & Community Involvement and Engagement (PCIE) Strategy
Part of our commitment to delivering meaningful public and community involvement and engagement in our work, that is public and community involvement that makes a real difference, we have launched our first PCIE Strategy.  This follows ARC KSS’ original submission to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which describes how we will engage and involve local communities and the public in the applied health and social care research that we carry out during the next five-year period (October 2019 to October 2024).

Public member illustration

Public members role description
A template for a clear, written agreement of an involvement opportunity for a public member.

Reaching Out: Building relationships to increase research impact
A report written by a member of the public from the established ethnic minorities group, along with members of the Reaching Out steering group. 

Since mid-2020, NIHR partners in the south east of England - Clinical Research Network (CRN)Research Design Service (RDS), and Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) have been building relationships with organisations from the Black ethnic group as a whole and the Asian ethnic group as a whole across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Regular meetings with representatives from community groups led to the development of an online ‘Reaching Out’ event in June 2021. The event took place with funding from NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination (CED).

Individuals from community groups, researchers and NIHR organisations from Kent, Surrey and  Sussex came together to explore the barriers to ethnic minority group involvement in research and to consider what could be done to address these through partnership working.

UK Standards for Public Involvement
Produced by the NIHR, this is a framework for what good public involvement in research looks like and designed to help researchers and organisations improve the quality and consistency of public involvement in health and care research. 

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