ARC KSS PhD Peer Group

Through the ARC our ARC KSS PhD students have access to diverse opportunities and expertise in applied health and care research across the partnership. We hold regular peer group networking giving the opportunity for students to share their triumphs and challenges. You can find out more about the researchers undertaking a PhD on our Staff page.

 ARC KSS Developing Research Careers Group

We are keen to make sure we have input from researchers who are currently building their health or social care research careers to ensure we can build support and events that will truly help people progress in their aspirations.  Our Developing Research Careers Group supports our capacity building activities. We host networking events a few times a year so the group can share their work and challenges.   If you would like to join this group please complete the sign-up form.

ARC KSS Good Lives Research Network

We want to connect people who are interested in doing research about living with a learning disability.  This includes people with learning disabilities, family groups, self-advocacy groups, charities, carers, professionals and academic researchers in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. If this is you join the network or be added to the Good Lives Research website by completing the sign-up form .  We believe that if we can make these connections, we can make sure that the research we do really does make a difference to people’s lives. Click on this link to access the network homepage. 

Good lives research network


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