Economics of Health and Social Care

Using best practice to efficiently fund health and social care services of benefit to patients.

Research Leads:

Professor Heather Gage, University of Surrey, Health and Social Care Economics Theme Lead

Economics of Health and Social Care Motif
Economics of Health and Social Care Showcase

The Economics of Health and Social Care theme will support commissioning and decision making within services, providing evidence to show effects and beneficiaries in different research projects, costs and value for money.

Economics of Health and Social Care will be embedded in each of the NIHR ARC themes.  It will:

  1. Review and analyse the current status of research issues under consideration to inform the selection of possible NIHR ARC projects. The economics team will assess the economic burden for the patient group and sector and the potential to save public money in the light of possible patient/client benefit and wider gains for the workforce or society as a whole.
  2. Provide advice on details of the design of research proposals to ensure that the economic effects and impact for the NHS, public health or social care agencies can be properly captured. 
  3. Undertake the economic analysis for any NIHR ARC project, as needed, within the multidisciplinary research team and contribute to the writing up of the report and dissemination activities.
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