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Improving health and reducing need among older patients with multiple conditions and younger people at time of transition.

Research Leads:

Professor Jackie Cassell, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Public Health Theme Lead

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Recognising the strategic requirement for prevention in the Social Care Act 2014, and its central role in delivering the NHS Five Year Forward View, we will prioritise local interventions to improve health and reduce service needs among older adults with co-morbidity, and younger populations at times of transition.

Our focus reflects local health patterns in that coastal communities of Kent and Sussex mostly experience markedly worse health and wellbeing than other parts of our region with high rates of mental health problems, obesity, smoking, alcohol and recreational substance use.

These challenges predominate in areas relatively isolated by geography and economic consequences of high unemployment, alongside very elderly populations vulnerable to isolation and often moved here in retirement. Looked after children (LAC) and unaccompanied migrant minors form a substantial vulnerable population, particularly in Kent.

We will focus on four sub-themes:

  1. Mental and physical health dynamics
  2. Substance use and its impact on mental health, sexual health and blood borne virus prevention in adolescents and young adults
  3. Social prescribing and preventive interventions for the mental and physical health of elderly people living at home or in residential or nursing care settings
  4. The physical, mental and sexual health of looked after children/young people (LAC) and under 25s living separated from primary family/kinship groups


To produce new interventions and evidence that prevent adverse health outcomes in early, adult and later life.

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