Digital Innovation

Harnessing digital technology to help create a sustainable health and social care system.

Theme Lead: Professor Jo Armes (University of Surrey)

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Digital innovations are required to address an ageing population’s health challenges, who will need to be cared for out of hospital by technology enhanced social and primary care services.

Digital innovation is also needed because social and primary care workforce and services are facing unprecedented pressures; digital innovation may be the only route for sustainable services.


Our overall aim is to harness digital innovations in order to create a sustainable health system.


Meet the Team

Image of Jo Armes

Jo Armes

Theme Lead Digital Innovation

Image of Dr Nyangi Gitamwi

Dr Nyangi Gitamwi

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - Digital Innovation

Image of Bernadette Egan

Bernadette Egan

ARC KSS University of Surrey Deputy Lead


The Domestic Abuse Data Visualisation Tool (DAViT) 


The Domestic Abuse Data Visualisation Tool (DAViT) project looks at how an innovative tool can be utilised to improve care and support domestic abuse victims and survivors. 

The tool, developed by Survivors of Domestic Abuse (SODA) was created following a prioritisation and consultation process with stakeholders of Domestic Abuse in Surrey.

Click here for more information. 


ARC KSS Data Science Hub

The ARC KSS Data Science Hub is an open access resource identifying and exploring national and regional (Kent, Surrey, Sussex) health and social care datasets. A space where data access barriers are addressed, in the hope of encouraging improved healthcare based on the needs of everyday people as users of health and care services.

Our Objectives:

  • To develop and support NHS data infrastructure for analysis and research in the KSS region.
  • To build capacity by developing guides and resources for analysts and researchers and bring clarity over access pathways and data content.
  • To deliver new knowledge and insights from analysis of health and care data. 

Available Resources on the ARC KSS Data Science Hub:

  • National and regional dataset resource profiles and guides – including information on access pathways, costs, training requirements, access agreements, and more.
  • Beginners guides for handling routine NHS data and developing clinical code lists.
  • Overview of previous project – Unlocking Data.
  • News, publications and upcoming events.
  • Regularly updated blog content covering the latest developments and news in health data science. 

You can access the ARC KSS Data Science Hub here.

Meet the team

Photo of Dr Elizabeth Ford

Dr Elizabeth Ford

ARC KSS Data Science Lead

Photo of Katie Goddard

Katie Goddard

Data Governance Facilitator

Photo of Barbara Molony-Oates

Barbara Molony-Oates

Digital Innovation Theme Public Advisor

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