Digital Innovation

Harnessing digital technology to help create a sustainable health and social care system.

Research Leads:

Professor Jo Armes, University of Surrey, Digital Innovation Theme Lead

Digital Innovation Motif
Digital Innovation Showcase

Digital innovations are required to address an ageing population’s health challenges, who will need to be cared for out of hospital by technology enhanced social and primary care services.

Digital innovation is also needed because social and primary care workforce and services are facing unprecedented pressures; digital innovation may be the only route for sustainable services.


Our overall aim is to harness digital innovations in order to create a sustainable health system.

Current Projects

The Domestic Abuse Data Visualisation Tool (DAViT) 


The Domestic Abuse Data Visualisation Tool (DAViT) project looks at how an innovative tool can be utilised to improve care and support domestic abuse victims and survivors. 

The tool, developed by Survivors of Domestic Abuse (SODA) was created following a prioritisation and consultation process with stakeholders of Domestic Abuse in Surrey.

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