Are you a young person aged 18-25 and live in Kent, Surrey or Sussex with knowledge and/or experience of local children and young people's mental health or community services?

Would you like to share your experiences, stories and opinions on the different services you have used or know others have used?

The Applied Research Collaboration Kent Surrey and Sussex (ARC KSS) are looking for members of the public to join the ARC KSS Starting Well: Children and Young People's Mental Health Theme as a Public Advisor.

As an ARC KSS public advisor, your role will include:

  1. Being part of our ‘Public Involvement Network' or PIN – an enjoyable, supportive group of 16 Theme Public Advisors who act as the public’s eyes and ears into how we work. This group also supports us with governance and oversight – making sure that ARC KSS are doing everything properly and fairly, checking documents or occasionally attend meetings to discuss the running of the organisation.
  2. Being part of the Starting Well Theme, you will become part of a dynamic team, be invited to join meetings to discuss the research that’s happening and offer a public perspective on decisions around future Theme work.
  3. You may be invited to join other meetings and working groups, which you can agree to or not depending on your interests and availability.

We’d like you to join four meetings for the PIN Group and six meetings for the Theme, per year. If you are asked to join in with other groups or meetings and you are interested and have time then of course you can!

Your opinions are really valuable. This is not an employment role, however there is payment offered for your time involved. Payments come from different organisations within our collaboration, rates may vary, we would let you know the details in advance and help you with the claims process. Please be aware that as this is an official payment system there is a chance it may affect any benefits that you might be receiving, we can discuss this with you individually.

If you’d like to find out more or get involved please email Lou Lacey at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to view the Starting Well: Children and Young People's Mental Health public advisor role description.

Click here to download the application form.


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