The Living well with Dementia team at ARC KSS are pleased to share key findings, messages and a publication for two studies that explored the impact of COVID-19 on the Quality of life of people with dementia and their carers during 2020.

These findings provide insights into the challenges people faced, and factors that supported their wellbeing, with messages that last beyond COVID-19.

The results will be of interest to anyone involved in supporting people with dementia, including: health and social care commissioners; services providing care to people with dementia - such as care homes; the voluntary and community sector; people living with dementia and their carers; general practitioners and people working as social prescribers or in dementia support roles.

Please share with relevant parties, and let us know if these findings are helpful and will be used to influence your practice/service.  A lay summary is available if needed. If you have any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Implementation Manager,  ARC KSS Living Well with Dementia.

The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with dementia and their carers: findings from studies and key messages


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