Our colleagues at NIHR Applied Research Collaboration West Midlands (ARC WM) are leading on Public Involvement, as part of the ARC National Priorities programme in Adult Social Care and Social Work.

To help them understand the landscape for public involvement in Adult Social Care and Social Work, they completed a scoping exercise that would be used to inform future ways of working in partnership with people who access Adult Social Care Services.

The objectives from the scoping exercise were to:

  • Understand current involvement, activity, and networks of those with lived experience of adult social care in the ARCs.
  • Understand the scale and scope of the existing national social care research networks and within national programmes such as the School for Social Care Research.
  • Gain the views of stakeholders within the ARCs and existing national networks regarding how best the Public & Community Involvement, Engagement & Participation (PCIEP) can add value in social care research.
  • Understand the accessibility and diversity issues regarding user engagement/ co-production in social care research.

A copy of the report of the scoping exercise, Equal access to the knowledge table, which includes recommendations, is now available to download from their website. 

The National Priorities programme for adult social care and work (IPASC) is a collaboration between nine ARC partners, and led by Professor Julien Forder at the University of Kent and ARC KSS Social Care Lead.

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