The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is looking to get feedback from patients, carers, service users, or members of the public who are involved in the NIHR’s work or who have helped shape its research over the past 18 months (since January 2020). This includes:

  • as a member of a local or national advisory group
  • reviewing research applications
  • sitting on an NIHR funding committee
  • identifying research priorities
  • being a co-applicant on a NIHR funded research study
  • helping design, deliver and disseminate a research project
  • as a Public Research Champion
  • at one of our centres, facilities, or programmes.

The survey is not about people's experience of being a participant in a research study or trial as this is captured in other ways.

The information collected will be used to inform policy and the future work of NIHR in this area, and help prioritise areas for improvement.  

The survey is anonymous and can take between 20 and 45 minutes to complete depending on what you want to share. The survey will provide you with two types of questions: ones where we give you set answers from which to choose, and questions with space where you can go into more detail about your experiences

The aim is to get a good picture of what has been happening and understand areas we can strengthen to improve how the NIHR works with you. Questions align with the UK Standards for Public Involvement as these six standards (Communication; Working together; Inclusive opportunities; Impact; Governance; Support and Learning) describe good public involvement.

Fill in the survey here.

 Survey closes on Sunday 22 August 2021.  

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