Meaningful public and community involvement and engagement is a central part of the research that we do. That’s why we work in partnership with members of the public to develop our vision and aims for ARC KSS and make sure that public involvement continues to be embedded throughout our organisation.

To achieve this, we have recruited public three advisors to sit on the ARC KSS Board. They are members of the public with an interest in research and either knowledge or lived experience of the health and social care issues that we focus on.

As part of the governance structure, a public advisor’s role is to make sure that the ARC KSS:

  • spends its time and efforts on the research areas that were originally identified as needed and wanted by service providers and local populations
  • spends its money in an ethical and transparent way – making sure best value for public money, and
  • honours its commitment to public involvement throughout its processes. 

A personal perspective

Michelle Gardener, joined ARC KSS as a Public Advisor to the Board last year in April 2020.  She explains why she joined, where she feels her involvement has already made a difference and what she’s hoping to achieve.

You can read Michelle's full blog here

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