Janice Clark

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Janice Clark

Janice has been caring for her family members for over fifty years - most of her adult life. At times, she juggled the ongoing care and support for relatives with mental health concerns with that of her elders.

It was when her mother suffered a devastating stroke thirty years ago, and she had to give up her work in an NHS microbiology laboratory to provide 24/7 care for her, that she became active in campaigning for carers rights. She is a widow, mother, grand and great grandmother of a large extended family. A number of her grandchildren are young carers, as were her sons. As such, she is passionate about a whole family approach to the way each and every one of us in Health and Social Care, goes about our work.

She was a founding member and former Chair of a Surrey-wide carers support service, which continues to provide support and advocacy to adult, young and young adult carers.

Over her years of involvement, she has helped shape legislation and best practice for carers and has been involved in many initiatives too numerous to mention. She is currently a Carer and Families Governor of a Mental Health Foundation Trust, bringing her lived experience of caring, and the knowledge and expertise shaped over fifty years, to help improve the quality of services, encouraging them to meet the needs of the whole family.

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